Westlake’s Davenport Ranch set for new office building


Davenport 360, a 33,911-square-foot Class A office building slated for about a 3.4-acre tract at 6001 Bold Ruler Way, Austin, is on target to open next summer, project developer Michael Ayer said.

Ayer, a resident of Davenport Ranch and past president of its neighborhood association, said Austin’s planning and zoning department considered a request in 2000 by another developer to change the tract’s zoning to accommodate a gas station.

“I bought the lot to diminish that idea,” he said. “The lot was originally zoned Neighborhood Office and that’s what the rest of the neighborhood and I expected to go there.”

However, Ayer said the time was not right to develop the tract until he brainstormed with Project Manager Scott Taylor in 2016 to create the current office design.

The office complex will include a 41,000-square-foot garage with 107 spaces and 20-25 spaces of surface parking, he said. The facade will be composed of two types of stone and glass, and dug into the hillside to keep its roofline low due to the steep terrain, he said.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind location,” Taylor said of the project site. “You have panoramic views around you. You’re sitting on [Loop] 360 on a very unique location.”


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