The city of Lakeway will soon begin one of several priority parks projects as part of the Lakeway Parks Master Plan.

Adding pickleball courts to Lakeway City Park and Live Oak Tennis Courts, upgrades at the Lakeway Swim Center and the proposed Butler Park will be some of the projects the city is focusing on in the coming years.

Andra Bennett, director of parks and recreation for the city of Lakeway, said most of the projects in the Lakeway Parks Master Plan, do not yet have established timelines as they hinge on decisions made by the Lakeway City Council.

“We do know that recreation is huge, and it’s huge in this community, so I suspect it will be coming up sooner rather than later,” Bennett said.

Lakeway City Park pickleball courts

The Lakeway City Council decided to move forward with the addition of six pickleball courts at Lakeway City Park at a meeting March 20, as part of the Lakeway Parks Master Plan.

The city is working to get the addition of the pickleball courts completed over the course of the next five months, according to Bennett.

Bennett said the project will involve closing the basketball court at Lakeway City Park during a portion of the construction.

The city should have a cost estimate for the project within a couple of weeks, as they have already had the geotechnical engineering and surveys completed on the proposed project area, Bennett said.

Live Oak Tennis Courts

Adding an additional tennis court as well as more pickleball courts at the Live Oak Tennis Courts will be another priority project for the city.

Bennett said there are currently four tennis courts at Live Oak Tennis Courts that also need to be resurfaced or completely scraped and redone as part of the upgrade.

Upon completion of this project, Lakeway will have 16 total pickleball courts across the city. Bennett said the goal is to alleviate some of the parking issues associated with the Sailmaster Pickleball Court as well as meet the needs of pickleball players in the community.

“I think long-term Lakeway will be set up to accommodate the people that are wanting to play in this area,” Bennett said.

Lakeway Swim Center

Major upgrades to the Lakeway Swim Center will also be another project the city may choose to focus on in the near future.

Bennett said currently they have reached capacity for lap swimming and the swim team at the pool. She said they have been at capacity for a number of years.

“Because you have so many competing groups wanting the same space, we know that we have to expand our footprint for that,” Bennett said.

The project calls for the addition of a competition pool that is used strictly for swim meets to meet that demand as well as retrofitting the lap pool for water aerobics and swim lessons. In addition, an obstacle course for kids, a lazy river and potentially two Flowrider surf simulators may be included in the upgrades.

Bennett also said the body slides and the frog slide will be resurfaced.

“You know after a while, it’s time to refresh things and make them new and interesting and fun,” she said.

Butler Park

The proposed Butler Park is also on the horizon for the city, as it is part of a Rough Hollow development agreement the City Council previously approved.

Bennett said a grading plan was a big part of the agreement, because the site cannot be accepted as park land officially until the grading process is completed.

The grading plan and the parking area that will be a part of Butler Park are on a shorter timeline for development than the rest of the park in order to help alleviate parking and traffic issues related to Rough Hollow Elementary along Tomichi Trail, Bennett said.