Scenic Texas, an organization aimed at the preservation and enhancement of Texas' public spaces honored West Lake Hills with a Silver Scenic City Certification. Anjali Naini, the city’s director of building and development services presented the award during a regular Oct. 23 council meeting.

West Lake Hills is among 21 Texas cities honored with the 2019 award, which focuses on the quality of development regulations and standards on the state's public spaces.

Naini reminded the council that the competition is not a beauty contest and no photographs are utilized in Scenic Texas' decision-making process. She said the recognition is actually a result of the city's enforcement of building codes and various ordinances.

"It's a rigorous application regarding high-quality development standards that as a byproduct help make your city more beautiful," Naini said.

Mayor Linda Anthony called the award a very high honor and thanked the council members for being great stewards of the city's ordinances and council member Brian Plunkett took the time to recognize Naini's work as the director of building and development services.

"A lot of times resident think our codes are restrictive but when you see that they create a scenic city, that's why they're there," council member Beth South said.

The Silver Award is valid until 2024 until West Lake Hills can apply to become re-certified unless the city chooses to go after a higher level in two years.

According to Naini, the city lacked points in the public spaces and parks section. Anthony mentioned the beautification of newly renovated Bee Caves Road, which will soon see the addition of wildflowers and plants.