Three sworn in to Bee Cave City Council


Three Bee Cave City Council members were sworn in at the beginning of the May 14 meeting—one new and two returning.

There were no races in Bee Cave as part of recent the May 4 election, as council members Andrew Clark and Kara King faced no challengers, and new member Andrea Willott replaced outgoing Council Member Marie Lowman.

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  1. Congratulations to Andrea and welcome aboard officially Andrew. You asked very good questions last night regarding the ILA. Always good to have Kara back too. Working for the government in such a capacity as council member should only last so long.

    Bee Cave needs to update its City Charter to reflect that of Lakeway’s but take out the term successive.

    Section 3.01 Number, Selection and Term
    The City Council, referred to herein as the Council consists of the Mayor and six Councilmembers.
    (a) The Mayor and the Councilmembers will be elected from the City at large.
    (b) Term of office for all members will be three (3) years. Office term will commence at the first regular Council meeting after a member of the Council has been declared elected.
    (c) No person shall serve as Mayor for more than two (2) successive terms and no person shall serve as Councilmember for more than two (2) successive terms.

    Also add something to the effect of someone holding dual offices.

    Section 3.10 Dual Office Holding
    Neither the Mayor nor any Councilmember shall hold another City office or City employment. Former Mayors and Councilmembers shall not receive any compensation from the City or hold any compensated appointive City office within one year after their elective office terminates.

    Let’s not have the same person on the council for 14+ years….

    Good luck to Marie Lowman in all that you do. Thanks for your commitment to go City of Bee Cave!

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