Swearing in of Rollingwood Mayor Michael Dyson takes unexpected delay


In an odd turn of events during what otherwise would have been a normal Rollingwood City Council meeting Wednesday, Nov. 28, incoming Mayor Michael Dyson’s swearing in ceremony was delayed by the absence of the council member voted in to take his vacant seat.

Since Dyson’s term technically runs for another year, the council voted to fill his vacant seat with Buck Shapiro. Alderwoman Sara Hutson expressed reservations about Shapiro’s appointment, but ended up the lone nay vote for his appointment.

Following that vote, council swore in Alderwomen Sara Hutson and Amy Patillo and Alderman Gavin Massingill, but once it came time for presiding Judge Robby Chapman to swear in Dyson, the action abruptly and awkwardly halted. Council realized Shapiro was not present at the meeting, and therefore could not replace Dyson.

Outgoing mayor Roxanne McKee said Dyson could not assume two positions at once, so proceedings paused until Shapiro arrived at Rollingwood City Hall from Houston.

“His position as alderman is not fully vacated until the new appointment is sworn in and takes over the seat,” McKee said while council was in recess waiting for Shapiro.

Shapiro arrived at City Hall about 10 minutes later and was sworn in, followed directly by Dyson.

“I don’t know if the rest of the city understands how thankful we should all be to have had your service for not just the last two years, but for all of the years prior,” Dyson said of McKee after being sworn in.

Alderman Massingill was also appointed mayor pro tem and Chapman was reappointed presiding judge of the city of Rollingwood.

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