One of Westlake's newest restaurants, The Well, boasts a long list of nos: no gluten, no refined sugars, no seed oils, no dairy, no soy and no peanuts.

Instead, the health-conscious eatery offers gourmet-style, nutrient-dense brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails in line with their steadfast commitment to sustainable dining.

The gist

The Well at Westlake, which opened in August, is one of three other locations, including one in downtown Austin on Second Street and a cafe inside of the gym Studio Three Austin.

"When we created the concept, we wanted to do more than just smoothies and avocado toast. ... Especially after we had kids, your choice for dinner is usually eat out for convenience or cook at home because it's more healthy. We felt like you should be able to have both," co-owner Nicole Pfromm said.

What's on the menu

The Well's extensive menu is anchored by bone broths; colorful salads, such as the roasted beet salad; protein-based entrees, such as the grass-fed Texas wagyu steak; and healthy snacks, such as the Thai lettuce wraps.

"'Eat the rainbow' is something we like to say all the time. ... The more colors on your plate, the better," Pfromm said.

For lunch and brunch, the restaurant has smoothies, teas, coffee drinks and dishes such as chilaquiles or the coconut yogurt parfait.

Even the speciality cocktails and nonalcoholic spirits follow their commitment to healthy dining, using only agave and maple syrups instead of refined sugars.

Instead of seed oils, they only use avocado, coconut and olive oil to cook.

The background

Nicole and Rich Pfromm, her husband and co-owner, first met while working in Las Vegas at the five-star Encore hotel.

"We were in the nightlife scene, but as we started a family together, we adopted a healthier lifestyle," Rich Pfromm said.

Alongside their Nova Hospitality partner Jack Zimmermann, the Pfromms consulted nutritionists to create a menu that paired their love for clean eating with scratch cooking recipes that gave them the flexibility to utilize local, ethically sourced ingredients.