Every holiday season, families from across the state mosey to the heart of Texas' Hill Country for a shopping spree at Green Acres, a 23-acre, Hallmark-worthy wonderland right off Hwy. 71.

The gist

Complete with a Christmas market, a playground and glamping spots, Green Acres is a one-stop destination for family memory-making.

While the property has cabin and camper rentals available year-round, the Christmas market opens in early November, selling everything from ornaments, home decor and homemade baked goods to gifts for children and furry friends.

How it all started

Houston natives Debbie and Raymond Munk purchased the land in 2015 with plans to create a farm, but when the couple realized the land was unsuitable, they shifted gears.

"Growing up, we've always had big Christmases where all the family could come together," Debbie Munk said. "So we wanted to make a destination like what we had as kids."

With the help of their family, the Munks designed, built and decorated everything, from the cabins and campers to the big barn and the tractor chicken coup—a reference to "The Beverly Hillbillies" sitcom.

"They are people that can have a vision, work for it and then it comes to life," Debbie Munk's niece Cheri Hardin said.

More details

Raymond Munk said he enjoys giving free tours around the property, introducing the guests to Ellie the Longhorn and wowing kids with his "rare pandas"—black and white cows.

On select days, Santa Claus visits Green Acres. On others, mothers can enjoy "ladies' day" mimosas.

The future

The Munks, who still work full-time jobs back in Houston, hope to continue adding to Green Acres to make it a year-round vacation spot. Possible plans include adding a wedding venue or an ice cream shop.