After 30 years, Westlake neighborhood staple Finish Line Car Wash got new owners in 2018. Now, Keller Capital CEO Mitch Johnson and Project Manager Daniel Perry have a vision to modernize the business for its growing luxury clientele while maintaining a family-friendly establishment.

The background

Founder Keith Cunningham opened shop in 1988 and cemented his place in the community by offering quick, affordable car washes, complimentary shoe-shinings and fundraisers for local charities.

Johnson, who has lived in the Westlake area for 15 years and frequented the car wash with his son, offered to take over once Cunningham was ready to retire.

What's new

While the car wash waiting room is a well-maintained time-capsule of the '80s, Johnson and Perry said much of the infrastructure is outdated, leading customers to sacrifice quality cleans for quicker washes elsewhere.

Their plan is to replace the entire washing tunnel with the same machinery used by luxury car manufacturers. The $2.2 million renovation will ensure the wash time is no more than 10 minutes and less touch-ups will be needed afterward. Additionally, children will enjoy an added water gun feature in the waiting room, which will allow them to "shoot" at the cars passing through the tunnel.

The renovations are expected to be completed by the beginning of October.

Once completed, Finish Line will offer a new monthly subscription system starting at $25 per month for unlimited washes.

Perry said further upgrades will eventually be made to modernize the waiting area, but the shoe shine station and complimentary snack bar are not going away.

Quote of note

"Our employees help us keep a commitment to the community, which is very important to us," Johnson said. "We have kept many of the same employees that have been here for 20-plus years."