For a little more than the price of a daily cup of coffee, FUSE Workspace offers a collaborative working environment in its “coworking cafe," which includes a $28,000, all-you-can-drink gourmet coffee bot.

On the higher end, the coworking space contains corner offices with a view; a spacious balcony and patio; conference rooms; and even a studio for podcasts.

FUSE Workspace opened its third location Oct. 1 in Bee Cave, offering “concierge-level, high-quality service to the office industry,” FUSE Director of Operations John Herring said.

After setting up shop in Houston and Prosper, Texas, FUSE came to Bee Cave to offer office space to residents who would prefer not to drive all the way into Austin.

“'Work local' means that you can drive down the street five [or] 10 minutes, and you can be at work,” Herring said. “If you want to leave at 5:15 to go to your kid’s ballgame at 5:30, you don’t have to fight the traffic. And we have all the accoutrements.”

A concierge stands at the front desk of the 30,000-square-foot facility to answer questions and, if a client is away, accept packages. The building opens into a large coworking space where clients may choose a chair or table to work among other clients. Offices and meeting rooms of various sizes and prices are found throughout the two-story building

Herring said FUSE typically offers one-year leases—much shorter than the five- to seven-year leases that many commercial spaces require.

“Some people find us as a way to kind of grow dynamically,” Herring said. “That’s the best thing about flexible office space: you may start off with one office, and if you grow, we’ll have the space for that.”

FUSE Workspace houses a variety of businesses, according to Herring. On a recent Thursday afternoon, Laura Mitchell, president of the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce, and Elizabeth Handy, a licensed psychotherapist, worked in their respective offices.

“We do not have a typical client,” Herring said, noting that lawyers, real estate agents, financial advisors, counselors, startups and more have found working spaces in FUSE's previous two offices.

Businesses at FUSE can vary in size as well.

“That’s the beauty of flex office space. We can we can help small, medium and large companies that want to be lightweight,” Herring said. “We can help them be successful and do their best business.”