Austin Bin Wash wants your trash and recycling receptacles to sparkle


The motto of Austin Bin Wash, a company owned by husband-and-wife team Kathy Hind and Darren Smith, is “Keeping Austin weirdly clean one trash can at a time.”

Hind and Smith said they wanted to take their concept public after noticing a need of their own. In November 2017, after researching the market for about six to seven months, they launched Austin Bin Wash, which offers environmentally friendly trash and recycling bin-cleaning services.

“We really did think there are people out there like us who would really benefit from a service like this,” Hind said. “We started with one truck, drove it a lot of miles and by that advertisement, our business began. The truck is our best billboard.”

The service offers one-time, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly cleaning options and uses only environmentally friendly products, such as a biodegradable deodorizer and degreaser, as well as boiling hot water to make the trash cans look and smell new.

“We wanted to do the right thing before starting the business,” Hind said, adding the city of Austin considers the water that comes from the cleaning process to be industrial waste, so Austin Bin Wash trucks collect the dirty water and dispose of it at a proper facility. “We also use reclaimed water when possible.”

Austin Bin Wash trucks service all areas in Austin as well as surrounding communities, including Kyle, Georgetown, Manor, Hutto, Dripping Springs and Spicewood.

“Our goal is simple: We want our clients to rave about the service they get from us because then they’ll tell their friends, family, co-workers and their neighbors,” Smith said. “We really strive to just do a great job for our clients. It’s that simple.”

To learn more about Austin Bin Wash, visit the company at the Austin Home and Garden Show on March 22 at the Palmer Events Center.

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