Hill Country Indoor offers numerous options for a great workout


With 140,000 square feet of athletic fields and equipment, towering ceilings, spa-influenced locker rooms and UVB-protected windows overlooking the Bee Cave landscape, Hill County Indoor offers a unique workout experience, spokesperson PJ Todd said.

“We wanted everything to look and feel like the Hill Country. We’re not really a typical gym—we’re more than that,” Todd said. “We feel we’ve succeeded in trying to be a little different.”

The privately held sports and fitness facility, which claims National Baseball League MVP Jeff Kent as one of its founding partners, opened in December 2017 after a seven-year process that included significant community input, Todd said. The result was a multilevel, all-indoor athletic complex with specialized areas that cater to various age levels and interests, she said.

“From the first generation of the family all the way down to the last generation what you see, which is really rewarding, is the families all come in together,” Todd said. “This is a great place to unplug, get exercise, expand your mind and meet your neighbors.”

Memberships and day passes give clients access to specialized sports and exercise areas, including four basketball courts, eight volleyball courts, rock climbing equipment, pitching and hitting tunnels, a cardio and weight center, a cafe and a group fitness studio, Todd said.

Todd said one of the goals of Hill Country Indoor is to create a one-stop-shop for multigenerational families to workout, train and connect with other community members.

“There’s a real joy when you’re in this facility and get to witness special moments with families,” she said. “It’s joyful; it’s rewarding. … It’s all about being connected with the community and how we can best support [that].”

Todd said the Hill Country Indoor team aims to give back to the community through partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits, scholarship programs and charitable donations.

“We can only do the best we can do by having the community give us that information,” she said. “If the community will continue to support us, we promise we’ll give it back threefold.”

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