AV Automation business aims to help make local homes smarter


AV Automation’s business focus is to make smart home technology easy and convenient for the customer so he or she can activate electronic home comforts such as a stereo or movie room with the swipe of a phone app, sales staff said.

But traveling from the company’s downtown showroom to the Lake Travis area has been anything but easy—at least until this summer when AV Automation opens its Lakeway showroom at 2009 N. RM 620.

“Lets be honest: [Right now] we spend a lot of time in traffic,” Assistant Design and Sales Representative Kade Sheldon said.

“Most of our client base is in Spanish Oaks, Bee Cave, Westlake. We want to continue to grow, and we felt like being in the middle of our clients’ [locations]was the best way to do it.”

AV Automation has been around for 10 years and specializes in reliable, simple-to-operate, high-performance electronic systems for the home and prides itself on designing and installing those systems.

Customers can hold a party, for example, and once guests have departed, with the swipe of a button on a phone app, they can turn off the lights, lower the blinds and get ready to go to bed.

Sheldon said consolidating all smart devices such as lighting, thermostats and security systems is paramount.

“I’m here to create a home that works in unison with everything else,” Sheldon said.

“If it’s a new build or a reconstruction or a remodel, I just want to make it easier for everybody and of course easy for their budget.”

Sheldon has been with the company for four years and said he got his start as a “cable monkey” pulling wire from one point to another. He currently has a system in his own home.

“By having this stuff in my home, I got pretty knowledgeable with the equipment and what works with what reliably,” Sheldon said. “[For example] I would recommend adding irrigation or pool control to one of these systems.

“It’s just a really good company to work for,” he said. “The pyramid is upside down, where most people think everything benefits the owner.  “[While] we’re all working for the owner, it’s the other way around.”

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