2015 Summer Camp Guide


The Art Garage camps

  • The Art Garage, 11190 Circle Drive, Stes. 202-204. The Art Garage offers weeklong themed day camps, including Animals, Shark Week and Art Around the World. Activities range from drawing, painting and pastels to pottery, ceramics and tie-dye. Ages: 5-14. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21, Cost: $235 per week. Contact: 512-852-9900, www.theartgarageaustin.com

Austin Film Festival Summer Film Camp

  • St. Austin Catholic School, 1911 San Antonio St. and Westlake High School, 4100 Westbank Drive. Summer Film Camp, presented by Austin Film Festival's Young Filmmakers Program, returns in June for its annual program of weeklong classes, including Filmmaking 101, Claymation and Script to Screen and Advanced Filmmaking 101. Ages: 9-18. Dates: June 8-July 31. Cost: $195 per week for half-day camp, $370 per week for full-day camp. Contact: 512-478-4795, www.austinfilmfestival.com

Ballet Southwest Academy summer program

  • Ballet Southwest Academy LLC, 11190 Circle Drive, Ste. 101. The ballet program features intensive classes that range from beginning to advanced ballet techniques and beginning pointe to professional pointe dancing. Ages: 4-18. Dates: June 15-July 31. Cost: $15-50 per week, $110 for beginning ballet six-week program. Contact: 512-288-8282, www.balletsouthwestacademy.com

The Biscuit Brothers Fine Arts Farm camp

  • The Biscuit Brothers Fine Arts Farm, 6036 W. Hwy. 290. Children can explore arts, including music, theater and dance, at weeklong camps with pirate, '60s and Movie Magic themes. Ages: Kindergarten–fifth. Dates: June 8-Aug. 17. Cost: $275 per week of full-day camps or $135 per week for half-day camps. Contact: 512-291-6371, www.biscuitbrothers.com

Cafe Monet summer art camps

  • Cafe Monet Westgate, 4477 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste. 560. Children can learn pottery basics and paint their own pieces. Three types of weeklong camps—Masters of Clay; Play and Clay; and Crazy For Art, a mixed-media camp—run all summer. Ages: 6 and older. Dates: June 15-Aug. 7. Cost: $175 per week, 1:30-4:30 p.m. Contact: 512-892-3200, www.cafemonet.org

Creative Action camps

  • Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 3525 Bee Caves Road. Attendees participate in hands-on, collaborative opportunities for students to stretch their imaginations and use the skills they learn to create original works. Each week is a different theme and ends with a performance for friends and family. Ages: 5-10. Dates: July 13-Aug. 7. Cost: $275 per week, $495 for two-week camps. Contact: 512-442-8773, ext. 107, www.creativeaction.org/camps

D'Ette & Co. Dancers camps

  • D'Ette & Co. Dancers, 1807 Slaughter Lane, Ste. 325. The dance company offers a variety of camps for different age groups with themes such as "Frozen" and "Everything Disney" as well as summer classes and a summer intensive program teaching styles including ballet, tap and jazz. Ages: 3-18. Dates: June 8-July 24. Cost: $150-$200 per week. Contact: 512-292-3772

Drum Set Camp for beginners

  • Oak Hill Drum Studio, 7003 Pinto Cove. At Oak Hill Drum Studio camps each week, participants learn music fundamentals, basic rock beats and fills, and they can play along to popular rock and pop music in one week. No experience is necessary. Ages: 9 and older. Dates: June 8-Aug. 17. Cost: $300 per week or $100 for one-day camp sessions. Contact: 512-964-6778, www.oakhilldrumstudio.com

kidsActing Camp

  • Sixteen locations including Balance Dance Studio, 4544 S. Lamar Blvd.; LifeAustin, 8901 Hwy. 71; Oak Hill United Methodist Church, 7815 W. Hwy. 290; Dripping Springs United Methodist Church, 28900 RR 12. Weeklong camps for young performers bring movies such as "Tangled," "Frozen" and "Star Wars" to the stage. Ages: 4-18. Dates: June 8-Aug. 17. Cost: $225 per week for half-day camps and $325 per week for full-day camps. Contact: 512-836-5437, www.kidsactingstudio.com

Lone Star School of Music summer program

  • Lone Star School of Music, 4301 W. William Cannon Drive, Ste. B-260 and 12010 W. Hwy. 290, Ste. 130. Camps at the Lone Star School of Music offer music lessons in an atmosphere conducive to the learning and sharing of music. The program includes several one-week camps that teach children to play instruments, as well as rock camp, in which students write their own music and perform in a rock show. Ages: 6-15. Dates: June 8-Aug. 7. Cost: $199-$345 per week. Contact: 512-712-5187, www.lonestarschoolofmusic.com

Premiere Dance Center camps

  • Premiere Dance Center, 9217 W. Hwy 290. The camp features four one-week camps that educate students in types of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics and hip-hop. Ages: 3-18. Dates: June 15-July 31. Cost: $175 per week for ages 3-7, $275 per week for ages 8-18. Contact: 512-301-7475, www.premieredancecentertx.com

Rock Camp USA

  • Austin School of Music, 2428-B W. Ben White Blvd. Now in its 19th year, Rock Camp USA features intensive, performance-oriented instruction given by professional musicians. Participants record a CD in a studio. Each camp is two weeks long and culminates with a live performance in front of hundreds of people. Ages: 8-19. Dates: June 15-27 and July 13-25. Cost: $470-$850 per session. Contact: 512-476-7666, www.rockcampusa.com

Sacred Arts Studio and Gallery camps

  • Sacred Arts Studio and Gallery, 6001 W. William Cannon Drive, Ste. 305. Attendees make their own art projects at themed weeklong camps for two age groups, ages 4-7 and 8-14. Daily activities include three hours of art. Space is limited to 15 artists per camp with one teacher for every five campers. Ages: 4-14. Dates: June 15-Aug. 21. Cost: $225 per week. Contact: 512-584-8061, www.sacredartsstudioandgallery.com

Tapestry Dance Company and Academy camps

  • Tapestry Dance Company and Academy, 2302 Western Trails Blvd. Eight camps are offered from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. for various age groups and styles of dance, ranging from beginning ballet camps for ages 4-8 to senior intensive camps. Ages: 4-18. Dates: June 15-Aug. 14. Cost: $260-$450 per week. Contact: 512-474-9846, www.tapestry.org

ZACH Theatre camps

  • ZACH Theatre, 1510 Toomey Road. The performing arts school at ZACH Theatre provides opportunities to explore, develop, apply and refine expression through performance. Themed camps include Triwizard Tournament, Dr. Seuss and musical theater boot camp. Ages: 3 1/2-18. Dates: June 8-Aug. 20. Cost: $195-$310 per week. Contact: 512-476-0594, ext. 236, www.zachtheatre.org/education


2015 Lonestar Premier Soccer Camp

  • Ten locations including SoccerZone South Austin, 9501 Manchaca Road and Austin Sports Academy Southwest, 275 Lotus Circle. Lonestar Soccer Club hosts half-day camps that include skill-targeted drills, practice games, speed and agility training, three-on-three scrimmages and a World Cup tournament. Ages: 5-12. Dates: June 8-July 31. Cost: $225 per week. Contact: 512-336-5425, www.lonestar-sc.com

All-Star Sports Summer Camp

  • SoccerZone South Austin, 9501 Manchaca Road. Children can develop athletic skills weekly by playing sports including soccer, basketball, flag football, dodgeball and capture the flag. Ages: 5-14. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21. Cost: $179 per week for half days or $279 per week for full day. Contact: 512-280-2244, www.soccerzonesouthaustin.com

Austin Premier Academy Soccer Camp

  • SoccerZone South Austin, 9501 Manchaca Road. Coaches Nelson Mata and Abel Huerta teach students soccer with an emphasis on sportsmanship, respect and leadership. Ages: 5-15. Dates: June 8-Aug. 7. Cost: $179 per week for half-day camps, $279 per week for full-day camps. Contact: 512-280-2244, www.soccerzonesouthaustin.com

Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps

  • SoccerZone South Austin, 9501 Manchaca Road. British soccer coaches help campers work on foot skills, juggling, tactical practices and daily tournament play, and TetraBrazil camp teaches campers ball control, foot skills and other Brazilian soccer moves. Ages: 3-16. Dates: July 6-Aug. 14. Cost: $119-$279 per week. Contact: 512-416-7705, www.challengersports.com

Jump Gymnastics Summer Camp

  • Jump Gymnastics Austin, 2919 Manchaca Road, Ste. 205. Jump Gymnastics Austin offers weeklong, theme-based curriculum combining gymnastics, yoga, music, art, science and games to give every camper an experience that increases confidence and encourages physical activity. Ages: 3-12. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21. Cost: $210-$350 per week. Contact: 512-593-6226, www.jumpgymnastics.com

KIDFIT Summer Fitness Programs

  • Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy, 5513 Southwest Parkway. Summer programs at the new Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy swimming facility focus on building skills including speed, agility, power, strength, coordination and athletic performance. Ages: 8-12. Dates: June, July, August. Cost: $250 per three-week session. Contact: 512-276-2324, www.aasa-atx.com

Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill martial arts camps

  • Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill, 6001 W. William Cannon Drive, Ste. 307. Three one-week summer camps teach the martial art of kuk sool won, which incorporates elements including low stances, kicking, breaking wooden boards and self-defense. Ages: 7-12. Dates: June 15-Aug. 7. Cost: $199 per week. Contact: 512-899-8710, www.kswoakhill.com

Life Time Super Summer Camps

  • Life Time Fitness, 7101 S. MoPac. A 24-hour fitness center offers 11 one-week camps featuring rock climbing, swimming, water slides, gym games, crafts and off-site field trips. The Life Time Fitness child center includes a maze, basketball court, age-appropriate computer games and other activities. Ages: 5–12. Dates: June 4-Aug. 21. Cost: $190-$225 per week. Contact: 512-891-4551, www.lifetimefitness.com

Oak Hill Martial Arts Academy

  • Oak Hill Martial Arts Academy, 7401 Hwy. 71. The martial arts school offers several one-week camps focusing on martial arts including jiu-jitsu, han nu do and tae kwon do skills. Ages: 5-12. Dates: June 8-Aug. 7. Cost: $109 per week or $30 per day. Contact: 512-731-5425, www.oakhilltkd.com

SoccerZone South Austin basketball camp

  • SoccerZone South Austin, 9501 Manchaca Road. Celester Collier, Bowie High School head basketball coach, leads basketball camps for students during the morning as well as the afternoon. Ages: grades 1-8. Dates: June 15-Aug. 14. Cost: $179 per week. Contact: 512-280-2244, www.soccerzonesouthaustin.com

SoccerZone South Austin football camp

  • SoccerZone South Austin, 9501 Manchaca Road. Jeff Ables, head football coach at Bowie High School, leads a football camp for students. Ages: grades 3-8. Dates: June 8-July 3. Cost: $179 per week. Contact: 512-280-2244, www.soccerzonesouthaustin.com


Austin Montessori School summer program

  • Austin Montessori School, 5006 Sunset Trail. Two sessions offer one-week camps with themes such as Storytelling Power, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words and Act It Out. Children focus on skills such as writing, art, screenprinting, candlemaking and outdoor games and sports. Ages: 6-12. Dates: June 8-July 24. Cost: $280 per week. Contact: 512-892-0253, www.austinmontessori.org

Badgerdog Creative Writing Summer Camp

  • Seven locations including The Austin Waldorf School, 8700 S. View Road. Participants work with a professional writer and write original poetry and prose during the half-day, three-week camp. Ages: grades 3-12. Dates: June 8-26. Cost: $450 per three-week session. Contact: 512-542-0076, www.austinlibrary.org

Bricks 4 Kidz ATX camp

  • Rooster Springs Elementary School, 1001 Belterra Drive. Campers participate in hands-on learning programs using Lego bricks, motors and remote controls and go home with a customized Lego minifigure and name tag at the end of each camp session. Ages: 5-13. Dates: Vary. Cost: $139-$169 per week. Contact: 512-388-9003, www.bricks4kidz.com/atx

Camp Explorations

  • Bright Horizons Family Center, 6111 Davis Lane. With a curriculum focused on issues that affect the Earth and the environment, Camp Explorations helps children learn about science, nature, art and music. Weeklong camps have themes such as performing arts, chefs and superheroes. Ages: 3-6. Dates: June 1-Aug. 28. Cost: $1,139 per month. Contact: 512-301-9449, www.brighthorizons.com/oakhill

Camp Kaleidoscope

  • Baldwin Elementary School, 12200 Meridian Park Blvd. The Circle C Child Development Center and Baldwin Elementary School host Camp Kaleidoscope, themed two-week camp sessions that run throughout the summer. Activities include art and science projects, swim days, snow cone days and field trips. Ages: grades K-5. Dates: June 8-Aug. 7. Cost: $375 per two-week session. Contact: 512-288-9792, www.circleccdc.org

GradePower Learning summer programs

  • GradePower Learning, 4301 W. William Cannon Drive, Ste. B220. Summer programs for different student age groups include Little Readers Academy, Math Camp, Summer Study Skills Workshop and a GPA 5.0 SAT Prep Class. Ages: pre-K through grade 12. Dates: June 1-Aug. 31. Cost: $200-$899 per month. Contact: 512-892-7323, www.gradepowerlearning.com

Jardn de Nios Interlingua Summer Camp

  • Jardn de Nios Interlingua, 8707 Mountain Crest Drive. Eleven weeklong Spanish-immersion camps teach children about a variety of subjects including recycling, nutrition, and arts and crafts. Older campers will go on weekly field trips. Ages: 2–11. Dates: June 9-Aug. 15. Cost: $175 per week for half days, $275 per week for full days. Contact: 512-299-5731, www.austinbilingualschool.com

KidSensations camps

  • KidSensations, 2301 Riddle Road. KidSensations offers occupational therapy treatment, which focuses on helping children achieve independence in all areas of their lives. Three weeklong morning camps feature activities, including print handwriting, cursive handwriting, and social skills and self-regulation. Ages: 5-10. Dates: July 27-31, Aug. 10-14. Cost: $200 per week. Contact: 512-233-4000, ext. 2, www.kidsensations.com

Learning Fun 101—LEGO Robotics camps

  • Several locations including Patton Elementary School, 6001 Westcreek Drive. Students in grades K-7 explore programming with LEGO Robotics & Engineering, create LEGO structures, use animation technology and build machines. Ages: Grades K-7. Dates: June 8-Aug. 7. Cost: $160-$180. Contact: 512-740-3024, www.learningfun101.com

Mad Science camps

  • Southwest Mad Science Office (Oak Hill), 6120 W. Hwy. 290; Sweetwater Clubhouse, 5348 Pedernales Summit Parkway. Camps at Mad Science offer in-class discovery and exploration, indoor and outdoor games and physical activities, and hands-on applications of scientific principles. Ages: 4-12. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21. Cost: $170 per week for half days, $280 per week for full days. Contact: 512-892-1143, www.austin.madscience.org

The PREP School camp

  • The Preparatory School of Dripping Springs, 12610 Nutty Brown Road. Part-time and full-time camps for different age groups feature special visitors and themes such as field trips, beach days, puppet shows, luau days and karaoke. Ages: 1-12. Dates: June 5-Aug. 21. Cost: $800-$1,250 per month. Contact: 512-288-7737, www.theprepschools.com

Snapology of Austin camp

  • Snapology of Austin, Circle C Community Center, 7817 LaCrosse Ave. Twelve weeklong camps feature themes including "Star Wars," "Minecraft" and Disney. Camps include LEGO robotics, animation and engineering. Ages: 4-14. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21. Cost: $150-$180 per week. Contact: 512-368-9090, www.austin.snapology.com

Total Communication summer camps 2015

  • Total Communication Pediatric Therapy Services, 4422 Pack Saddle Pass, Ste. 104. The private clinic offers three camps with hands-on activities: Get Set for Kindergarten handwriting camp for ages 4-6, a handwriting camp for ages 5-7, and an American Sign Language camp for ages 7-12. Ages: 4-12. Dates: June 9-July 30. Cost: $220-$360. Contact: 512-444-3345, www.totalcommunicationaustin.com


Abiding Love Lutheran Children's Center summer camp

  • Abiding Love Lutheran Children's Center, 7210 Brush Country Road. The church offers a camp program that runs throughout the summer featuring new themes and arts and crafts each week. Ages: Grades K-5. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21. Cost: $205 per week. Contact: 512-892-2777, www.abidinglove.org

Camp Bethany

  • Bethany Lutheran Church, 3701 W. Slaughter Lane. Seven one-week Bible study camps teach children about Scripture. Children play games and participate in sports, music and the arts. Ages: 6-12. Dates: June 8-Aug. 21. Cost: $140 per week, Contact: 512-292-8778, www.blcms.org

Camp on the Move

  • Pickup at Sunset Valley Elementary School playground, 3204 1/2 Jones Road. The field-trip-based day camp picks up participants and visits different places each day in buses and vans. Camp attendees go to Schlitterbahn on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays are theme days. Campers go to Hawaiian Falls on Wednesdays and to GattiTown and the movies on Fridays. Ages: 7-14. Dates: June 8-Aug. 14. Cost: $295-$350 per week. Contact: 512-658-6285, www.camponthemove.com

Camp Roadrunner

  • Austin Waldorf School, 8700 S. View Road. Eight weeklong themed sessions offer a variety of recreational activities, including theater, field trips, swimming and hands-on art projects in a Hill Country setting. Call for availability; space is limited. Ages: 4-12. Dates: June 15-Aug. 7. Cost: $275 per week. Contact: 512-288-5942, www.austinwaldorf.org/summercamp

Dream of Hopes Ranch Inc. Summer Camp

  • Dream of Hopes Ranch Inc., 4515 Keota Drive. The camp and Special Olympics facility serves adolescents and adults with special needs. Ages: 14 and older. Dates: June 15-Aug. 21. Cost: $185 per week. Contact: 512-791-0160, www.dreamofhopesranch.org

F.I.T. Kids summer camp

  • Bannockburn Christian Academy, 7100 Brodie Lane. Bannockburn Christian Academy's Friends In Truth program includes several one-week camps with themes such as Christmas In July and Service Week. Members of Bannockburn Baptist Church and current academy students are eligible to attend. Ages: 4 to fifth grade. Dates: June 8-Aug. 7. Cost: $170-190 per week. Contact: 512-892-2706, www.bcaaustin.org

Oak Hill United Methodist Church camps

  • Oak Hill United Methodist Church, 7815 W. Hwy. 290. A variety of summer camps are offered including Cub Camp for preschoolers and a music and drama camp, or MAD Camp. Care is offered for camp participants who need all-day care. Ages: 3-eighth grade. Dates: June 15-Aug. 14. Cost: $40-$75 per week. Contact: 512-288-3836, www.oakhillumc.org

SAS Summer 2015

  • St. Andrew's Episcopal School, multiple locations including 5901 Southwest Parkway. St. Andrew's Episcopal School offers a multiweek camp program with focus areas such as athletics, fine arts and science, math and technology. Ages: 4-18. Dates: June 8-26. Cost: $100-$300 per week. Contact: 512-299-9861, www.sasaustin.org/summer

Texas Power Athletics camps

  • Texas Power Athletics, 130 Ralph Ablanedo Drive. The business offers weeklong summer camps, including two college readiness camps and training with Josh Boatwright on June 15-18. Ages: 8 and older. Dates: Josh Boatwright camp takes place June 15-18, later camp schedules TBD. Cost: $275. Contact: 512-284-9211, www.txpa.net

YMCA of Austin summer camps

  • Theme Camp at Baranoff Elementary School, 12009 Buckingham Gate; Adventure Camp at Bailey Middle School, 4020 Lost Oasis Hollow; Kinder Camp at Oak Hill United Methodist Church, 7815 W. Hwy. 290. At YMCA day camps, campers make friends while learning the values of diversity and cooperation. Children have the opportunity to build self-confidence, independence and creativity. Ages: 4-14. Dates: June 8-Aug. 20. Cost: $165-$235 per week, plus $30 registration fee. Contact: 512-236-9622, www.austinymca.org


By Kelli Weldon
Kelli joined Community Impact Newspaper as a reporter and has been covering Southwest Austin news since July 2012. She was promoted to editor of the Southwest Austin edition in April 2015. In addition to covering local businesses, neighborhood development, events, transportation and education, she is also the beat reporter covering the Travis County Commissioners Court.


Photoo of Travis County sign
Austin City Council, Travis County Commissioners Court will hold rare joint session to address 'dire' COVID-19 status

County Judge Andy Brown called the meeting "an opportunity to coordinate responses."

Voters line up during the Dec. 15 runoff election. (Christopher Neely/Community Impact Newspaper)
Legality of ranked-choice voting prompts disagreement between supporters, Austin city attorneys

If a Jan. 11 petition is validated, Austin voters could decide whether to support the implementation a ranked-choice voting system. But is it unconstitutional?

A group of Austin-area school districts is advocating for early distribution of COVID-19 vaccines for school staff members. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)
Austin-area school districts advocate for teachers to receive COVID-19 vaccines

Educators in the designated population for early distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in 32 states. Texas was not one of them, according to a Jan. 14 letter signed by 17 Central Texas school districts.

H-E-B is preparing to accept coronavirus vaccine appointments through an online portal. (Nicholas Cicale/Community Impact Newspaper)
H-E-B launches vaccine portal; Whipped Bakery opens in Leander and more top Central Texas news

Read the most popular news from the past week from the Central Texas area.

Austin Pizza Garden's menu features specialty pies, salads, sandwiches and starters. (Community Impact staff)
Iconic South Austin pizza restaurant to close after 27 years

Austin Pizza Garden will close Jan. 17 after 27 years in the community.

The company plans to invest $2.5 million into renovations for the project. (Nicholas Cicale/Community Impact Newspaper)
Tesla planning new South Austin showroom at The Yard

The company plans to invest $2.5 million into renovations for the project.

Dr. Anthony Fauci gave remarks while accepting the Ken Shine Prize in Health Leadership from Dell Medical School. (Screenshot via The University of Texas)
Dr. Anthony Fauci praises UT researcher’s role in vaccine development

Dr. Anthony Fauci's remarks came while accepting the Ken Shine Prize in Health Leadership from Dell Medical School.

Photo of Judge Andy Brown at a press conference
Travis County health leaders say Regional COVID-19 Therapeutic Infusion Center will help unburden hospitals

In its first week, the center offered 120 coronavirus patients an antiviral antibody treatment.

PHoto of a vaccine being administered
Austin Public Health discusses vaccination priorities, registration protocol as regional hub

Local health leaders discouraged people from walking up to vaccine sites without an appointment.