Georgetown residents can now report streetlight outages where they live through a new online tool.

How it works

The streetlight outage reporting tool—launched by the city of Georgetown in June—allows residents to record and view when streetlights are not working. The tool maps all street lights within Georgetown’s city limits, including those powered by the city of Georgetown Electric Utility and other providers.

Residents can select a streetlight on the map to report an outage or see whether an outage has already been reported. Once reported, an icon for the streetlight will shift from yellow to red.

Residents can report an outage by completing the following steps:
  • Selecting a streetlight by searching for the streetlight number or address
  • Completing an outage form to identify an issue
  • Submitting the report and allowing up to five minutes for the light's status to change color
City staff will create a work order and address the issue after a streetlight has been reported, according to city information. Reported outages are expected to be resolved within 14 days of being submitted.

The approach

The city of Georgetown Electric Utility will resolve reported outages within the city’s electric service area or those within the city limits relating to light or equipment failure. Power-related outages will be handled by the appropriate electric provider.