Georgetown City Council considered updates to the Downtown Master Plan at a Feb. 27 meeting.

The gist

Updates to the Downtown Master Plan presented to City Council included the framework and priorities as well as an approach to height and density of buildings in the downtown area, according to city documents.

The downtown framework and priorities include:
  • Improvements to the gateways at South Austin Avenue and North Austin Avenue
  • Blue Hole Park enhancements
  • Rock Street promenade
  • Bike and pedestrian connections
  • Historic Square enhancements
  • 9th Street Art Walk
  • Catalyst sites for potential redevelopment, including the South Main Street parking lot, the Williamson County Tax Office, the historic county jail, the Austin Avenue parking lot and the justice center
The specifics

The Historic Square enhancements include enhancing the pedestrian experience by linking public space to businesses and civic buildings, according to city documents.

The 9th Street Art Walk will reimagine the street by connecting the Square and City Center across Austin Avenue. It will also connect City Hall to the existing Arts Center, according to city documents.

The downtown gateways at South Austin Avenue and North Austin Avenue will see enhancements that are consistent with the Georgetown brand, according to city documents.

As for open space and parks, Blue Hole Park will be transformed into a recreational gateway to downtown, connected by Rock Street, which will be turned into a mixed-mode promenade. Rock Street will also be enhanced with increased bike connectivity, according to city documents.

Additionally, bike and pedestrian connectivity will be addressed throughout the Historic District, connecting downtown to regional parks and trails as well as adjacent neighborhoods, according to city documents.

Other transportation, parking and pedestrian access improvements include:
  • Enhancing the pedestrian experience of Austin Avenue
  • Improving the pedestrian experience and visual quality of University Avenue, between Scenic Drive and Ash Street
  • Providing adequate public parking in and around the downtown
  • Improving alternative transportation access to and through downtown
City Council also discussed the importance of establishing a new intentional strategy to address height and density downtown, according to city documents.

What’s next?

City Council will consider the Downtown Master Plan in March and will give a presentation of the plan at the State of the City event on March 21. The Downtown Master Plan will also be available for public review and online comment on March 21, with prospective plan adoption in May, according to city documents.