After voters passed all four propositions in the Georgetown ISD bond election May 4, district officials reflected on the success of the propositions during a May 6 workshop.

What they're saying

GISD Superintendent Devin Padavil shared that during Citizens Advisory Committee discussions about the bond before propositions A, B, C and D passed, it was expected the latter three propositions might struggle in the polls.

These expectations came from community survey results, Padavil said, which are usually accurate in predicting how propositions will perform in an election.

He said Prop B was expected to garner about 50% of the vote, while props C and D were expected to receive under 50% of the vote.

"For all four positions to pass I just think speaks to the collective work of the people in this room to earn the community's trust," Padavil said during the workshop. "I'm just very just constantly understanding that trust is fragile, and we're going to continue to be transparent in earning people's trust."

The context

Voters in Georgetown ISD have passed four bond propositions totaling $649 million in the May 4 election, unofficial polling data shows.

Polling numbers from both early and election day voting show the following results for each proposition:
  • Proposition A: 69.81% for, 30.19% against
  • Proposition B: 67.4% for, 32.6% against
  • Proposition C: 62.72% for, 37.28% against
  • Proposition D: 60.63% for, 39.37% against
The details

The $649 million bond consists of Proposition A, which allocates $597.4 million to capital improvements, school facilities, safety and security; Proposition B, which allocates $20.33 million to technology and technology infrastructure improvements; Proposition C, which allocates $27.85 million to fine arts facilities improvements; and Proposition D, which allocates $3.86 million to improvements to athletic facilities.