Harmony Public Schools broke ground on its first Georgetown campus March 22.

What you need to know

HPS representatives broke ground on the future campus for Harmony Science Academy Georgetown, a STEM-focused charter school that will be located on 22 acres at 201 Blue Ridge Drive, Georgetown.

It joins 62 other HPS campuses across the state.

When the Georgetown campus opens in August 2025, it will serve kindergarten through sixth grade, expanding each year to serve a new grade level with a final goal of serving up to 12th grade. A second building will be constructed to serve these additional students. At full build-out, HPS's Georgetown campuses will comprise an elementary, middle and high school.

What they're saying

Mustaga Altindag, HPS Central Texas area superintendent, described the future campus as much more than a school for the students who will attend.

"This campus will be more than just a collection of classrooms or hallways," Altindag said. "It will be home to many Harmony scholars who will graduate and eventually lead the community."