A newly adopted strategic plan with four priority areas will guide Georgetown ISD moving forward, said Lindsay Harris, chief strategist for leadership and culture.

The GISD board of trustees unanimously adopted the strategic direction March 21.

The four priority areas included in the plan are student learning growth and progress; student and staff well-being; staff recruitment and retention; and community and connectivity.

In a video message about the new strategic direction, Superintendent Fred Brent said each of the priority areas has a picture of success—an ideal the district is striving toward—as well as objectives that will help the district get there.

“[The picture of success] is a narrative; it’s a vision casted for us that we hope inspires and motivates and draws us together around who Georgetown ISD aspires to be in that space,” Harris said. “But it also very much in the objectives form for that strategic priority area drives work.”

Brent said each of these objectives—of which there are eight to 13 for each priority area—will be customized for every campus and department within the district.

Harris said following the adoption of the strategic direction, district staff will begin working to identify which of the objectives in each area will be priorities for next school year.

Additionally, the district improvement plan as well as individual campus improvements plans, which will be adopted in August, will align with the overall strategic direction and include ways to track progress in each area.

“We can guarantee the community that we have clarity of where we are going in each of these areas as we recover through these challenging times and as we move forward to give our kids what they deserve,” Brent said in the video.

According to the district, the process to develop the strategic direction began in October. Since then, officials have received feedback from more than 1,000 parents, staff, students and stakeholders.

Several trustees expressed their thanks to district staff and community members who were involved in the process.

“I’m just really, really proud of all of the work that you guys have done for giving us a road map to success,” Trustee Melanie Conner said.