Preparing for back-to-school procedures, the city of Georgetown sent a press release Aug. 11 asking residents to be mindful of their driving.

The release also said the Georgetown Police Department will be monitoring school zones through out the city Aug. 18.

“This is an exciting time of year, and we look forward to welcoming students and families back to campuses throughout the district,” Superintendent Fred Brent said in the release. “Help us ensure they arrive safely each day by reducing speeds and adhering to posted speed limits in school zones."

According to GISD, school zone speed limits are in effect during the posted hours or when yellow lights are flashing. The school zones' times are about 7-9 a.m. for before-school times and 2:30-4:30 p.m. for after-school hours.

GPD said the fine for speeding in a school zone is $10 per mile over the limit, plus state court costs.

Additionally, state law prohibits the use of a wireless communication device in a school zone during the posted hours or when yellow lights are flashing.

Look for the school zones at most of these Georgetown ISD schools:

  • Carver Elementary, 4901 Scenic Lake Drive

  • Cooper Elementary, 1921 NE Inner Loop

  • Ford Elementary, 210 Woodlake Drive

  • Frost Elementary, 711 Lakeway Drive

  • McCoy Elementary, 401 Bellaire Drive

  • Mitchell Elementary, 1601 Rockride Lane

  • Purl Elementary, 1953 Maple St.

  • Village Elementary, 400 Village Commons

  • Williams Elementary, 4101 Southwestern Blvd.

  • Wolf Ranch Elementary, 1201 Jay Wolf Drive

  • Benold Middle School, 3407 Northwest Blvd.

  • Forbes Middle School, 1911 NE Inner Loop

  • Tippit Middle School, 1601 Leander Road

  • Wagner Middle School, 1621 Rockride Lane

  • East View High School, 4490 E. University Ave.

  • Georgetown High School, 2211 N. Austin Ave.

  • Georgetown Alternative Program, 502 Patriot Way

  • Richarte High School, 2295 N. Austin Ave.

  • S.T.E.P./Lott Juvenile Detention Center, 200 Wilco Way