The Georgetown ISD Education Foundation received a donation of $450,000 and a 2.7-acre parcel of land valued at $343,568 on May 12, according to a release. This is the largest individual donation the foundation has received in its seven-year history.

The donation was made by the now-dissolved Village Homeowners Association, which encompassed 549 homes in the Village neighborhood located off Shell Road in northwest Georgetown.

The land is located east of McCoy Elementary on Bellaire Drive.

The HOA was originally created in 2008 by the developer to build and operate a community pool for the homeowners of the Section 9 and Creekside sections of the Village neighborhood.

After years of homeowner discussions and a lack of funds to construct the neighborhood pool, the board held an election in the winter of 2021 to determine the future of the HOA.

State law requires at least 67% of homeowners to cast a ballot for an election to be valid. A total of 453 homeowners voted with 87% of the votes cast in favor of dissolving the HOA.

“The HOA laws in the state of Texas are strict and make dissolution very difficult, but the homeowners spoke loud and clear. I am proud our board didn’t give up and worked hard to allow the homeowners the opportunity to make their voices heard,” former HOA President Michael Charles said in the release. “Dissolution is not common. Our attorney, Gregory Cagle of Cagle Pugh, advised us in our first meeting that he had only seen one other HOA successfully dissolve. I guess he has seen two now."

Since 2015, the foundation has operated as a fully volunteer board to support innovative learning in Georgetown ISD schools.

“We are honored that the homeowners and parents in the Village community entrust us with this gift. It is a game-changer for our organization,” said Greg Bowden, founder and chair of the Georgetown ISD Education Foundation, in the release. “We are humbly aware of the responsibility we have to be good stewards of these funds, which will provide a lasting legacy for students in GISD.”