The Williamson County and Cities Health District reported 99 new coronavirus cases July 31, bringing the total to 5,715.

As of July 31, 69 patients are hospitalized, 39 are in intensive care and 21 are on a ventilator. The WCCHD also reported 23% of hospital beds, 19% of ICU beds and 74% of ventilators are available.

The county announced July 28 that the Texas Department of State Health Services is now using death certificates instead of local health district reports to count COVID-19 fatalities. According to the county, this standardizes death reporting across the state but will cause the number of deaths on the county dashboard to be out of sync with the Texas DSHS count until the WCCHD fully transitions to the DSHS reporting method, which will happen later this week.

“Death certificates can take between a week to more than three months following a death to be issued, resulting in a lag in the count between the state and local health district,” the county said. “In counties that do not have local health departments or districts, a death certificate is the only method to verify a death attributed to COVID-19, causing an increase in numbers under the new reporting system.”

As of July 28, the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the county was 100. Reported deaths are of confirmed cases who died because of their COVID-19 illness or complications thereof, either as a cause of death or a significant contributing factor in the death, per the dashboard.

Of the total cases as of July 31, 4,982 have recovered, and there are 559 active cases.

Recoveries are not reported to the state’s contact tracing and data system; therefore, recovery information is not absolute and is to be used for estimating purposes only, according to the WCCHD website. No trends or other inferences should be drawn from this data, as the numbers posted represent a point-in-time snapshot and may fluctuate throughout the day, it said.

Here is an update on total cases in the cities of residence including probable cases, according to the WCCHD.

  • Austin: 352

  • Cedar Park: 638

  • Georgetown: 1,071

  • Hutto: 423

  • Leander: 287

  • Round Rock: 2,008

  • Other: 762

If the WCCHD is unable to confirm the city of residence after three attempts, the case is deemed “lost to follow-up” and is not included in the above count, officials said.

Officials said the county is not legally able to release the specific counts in cities with fewer than 20,000 residents. For more information, such as gender and age breakdowns, visit the county's dashboard.