Williamson County commissioners authorize use of eminent domain on 6 properties


Williamson County Commissioners Court voted unanimously Tuesday to authorize the use of eminent domain to acquire seven parcels of property needed to complete road work.

During the regular meeting, the court approved that six property owners on a combined 3.06 acres of land would be approached using this legal doctrine. The use of eminent domain allows the county to expropriate the private property for public use with payment of compensation.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Terry Cook said the court has reached this point after six-plus months of negotiating with property owners that have yet to be settled.

Negotiations, however, will continue during this process, Williamson County Judge Dan Gattis confirmed.

“I’m not a big fan of doing this but sometimes we just got to do it,” Gattis said.

The acquired property will go toward completing the following roads:

  • CR 200
  • CR176 at RM 2243

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  1. Susan (Sue) Field

    I’ve looked at the article and drawing in the Sun that was referred to, Nina. It appears that there is a “very curved road” entrance from CR 2243 leading to the “new” CR 176 entrance. Wouldn’t it be possible and more sensible to go just past their property and have the new 176 be a straight road off of 2243? I’m assuming that the property just past theirs belongs to someone else? There are no houses on that property that I can see, so just have to wonder why the county couldn’t make the new entrance in that area? And what will happen to what is now the original entrance we all use?

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