Williamson County voters can vote for or against two propositions Nov. 5. The propositions are divided into roads and parks projects to be completed throughout the county.

Ballot language for county propositions

The ballot reads: (Proposition A) The issuance of $412,000,000 of bonds by Williamson County for the purpose of construction, acquisition by purchase, maintenance and operation of graveled or paved roads including but not limited to constructing, improving, extending, expanding, upgrading and/or developing roads and state highways for transportation related improvements.

(Proposition B) The issuance of $35,000,000 of bonds by Williamson County for the purpose of construction, improving, renovating, equipping, and acquiring land, buildings and facilities for park and recreational purposes.

What it means: The county is seeking voter authorization to issue bonds to finance 13 countywide road projects and nine parks projects. Rising home values in Williamson County mean property owners may see their taxes increase next year even though the Williamson County bond package does not include an increase to the county’s property tax rate.  If passed, the listed projects must be completed, but there are additional road and parks projects for which the money could be used to complete.

Proposition A projects

  1. $1 million Sun City safety project on Ronald Reagan Boulevard at Sun City Boulevard turn lanes and Hwy. 29 northbound off-ramp at Ronald Regan Boulevard

  2. $2 million Sun City safety project on Ronald Reagan Boulevard at Silver Spur Boulevard turn lanes

  3. $3.6 million Sun City safety project on Hwy. 195 at Ronald Reagan Boulevard

  4. $4.07 million Whitestone Boulevard widening from Bagdad Road to Anderson Mill Road

  5. $4.8 million Southwest Bypass extension from Hwy. 29 to Wolf Ranch Parkway

  6. $5.5 million Forest North Road drainage improvements

  7. $6.5 million Sun City safety project on CR 245 from north of RM 2338 to Ronald Reagan Boulevard

  8. $7.3 million Parmer Lane at Hwy. 45 interchange planning

  9. $8.13 million CR 366 widening from Carlos Parker to Chandler Road

10. $17.5 million CR 112 widening from FM 1460/A.W. Grimes to CR 110

11. $22.5 million Southeast Inner Loop extension from Hwy. 29 to Sam Houston Parkway

12. $27.5 million Sam Bass Road safety project from Wyoming Springs to RM 1431

13. $29.5 million Hero Way widening from US 183A to Ronald Reagan Boulevard

Proposition B projects

  1.  $3.95 million Williamson County Expo Center improvements, including cover on west arena and restrooms with showers at RV park

  2. $305,000 Champion Park improvements, including additional parking

  3. $270,000 Southwest Regional Park improvements, including restrooms

  4. $900,000 pedestrian bridge at Twin Lakes Park

  5. $2 million trail extension from Cedar Park’s Lakeline Park to Twin Lakes Park

  6. $1.645 million Berry Springs Park and Preserve improvements, including restrooms and pavilion

  7. $3.125 million trail expansion, including extension of Brushy Creek Regional Trail from Red Bud Lane to Hutto

  8.  $5.5 million Regional Park to Lake Georgetown trail extension

  9. $7.5 million Bagdad Trail extension from Leander to Liberty Hill

Correction: The costs associated of Proposition B projects has been updated with most recent numbers.