2 Williamson County justices of the peace ask for permission to fly a Pride flag over court buildings


Two Williamson County justices of the peace will ask the county’s Commissioner Court for permission to fly a rainbow Pride flag outside of its court buildings June 18.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 KT Musselman in Round Rock and Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Stacy Hackenberg in Taylor will ask the court for permission to fly the flag during the month of June, according to the agenda.

June is the national month for LGBTQ Pride.

The judges want to publicly display a sign of their commitment to be welcoming and ensure justice is applied to all constituents regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation, according to the agenda item.

The judges will also ask for permission to fly the prisoners of war/missing in action flag during the week of Veterans Day out of respect to those soldiers who have not returned from war, who were captured and held prisoner during combat, and their comrades in arms who are honored members of our communities, according to the document.

The current county policy allows for the United States and Texas flags to be flown outside county buildings.

The task will cost about $20 and 15 minutes of labor to add flag clips to the existing flagpole for Precinct 4, but the flags will be purchased with private funds, the document said.

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  1. H no. We do not need a separate flag for a small group of people. The United States flag represents ALL of us.

  2. I agree absolutely.

    There are so many causes, so many distinct and separate minority groups who feel underrepresented that soon every one of them will state a “right” to have their flag, colors or identities displayed in front of all sorts of public buildings. It’s just nonsense to open up this can of worms.

    Put this on a ballot and have the majority rule decide as it should be. We jump into a whole new debate in our great land when we let courts decide what is right and wrong, a select few public officials the power to decide who and what is important. These things should be decided by We The People.

    Public servants SERVE the community as a WHOLE and not vice versa.

  3. How long have we known June is Pride Month? Why did these ‘judges’ wait until June 12 to file the request? Did these requests originate from the ‘judges’ themselves or were they asked to make the request? If asked, who asked them?

  4. Where does it end? How about flying the NRA flag too.
    Don’t force it on all of use and we won’t force it on you.

  5. The judges should focus on their cases and upholding the current laws. We don’t pay them to be social justice warriors.

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