Williamson County Citizens Bond Committee holds first meeting over potential roads and parks bond


The Williamson County Citizens Bond Committee was presented with the current status of the county’s parks and roads plan during its first meeting March 21.

The committee was formed during a March 5 Williamson County Commissioners Court meeting at which the court appointed nine members: two per county precinct and a chair.

The CBC members are chair David Hays; Meg Walsh and Mitch Fuller for Precinct 1; Joe Bob Ellison and Matt Powell for Precinct 2; Tim Lear and John Marler for Precinct 3; and Ron Randig and Bryon Brochers for Precinct 4.

The CBC has been tasked with making a recommendation to the commissioners court as to whether a roads and parks bond should be called in November and if so, to what scope and which projects should be considered. The committee will report back to court with specific road and park needs no later than July 4. The commissioners will then decide whether to hold a bond election in November.

“This is hugely important work to what the county will look like in the future even beyond my children,” said committee member Bryon Brochers.

Robert Daigh, senior director of infrastructure, informed the court of the county’s transportation plan, which lays out where the county intends for roads to be placed when the county is at full build-out.

The county currently has 600,000 residents and is expected to reach 1.4 million by 2045, Daigh said.

Daigh said by planning ahead for future roads the county will save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars and time by not having to purchase expensive right of way in the future, an issue he said Austin is currently facing.

“If we want to see who will solve the problem, we have to look in the mirror,” Daigh said.

Randy Bell, senior director of parks and recreation, also informed the committee on the current status of regional parks.

Bell said the county is working with city officials to create seamless bike and walking trails throughout the county as well as continuing to build and improve regional parks.

The committee also tentatively set the dates for its future meetings. A meeting will be held in the evening in each precinct followed by as many deliberation meetings as needed, said Connie Odom, county public affairs manager. Times have not yet been set.

  • April 22: Georgetown Annex Building, 100 Wilco Way, Georgetown
  • May 8: Cedar Park Recreation Center, 1435 Main St., Cedar Park
  • May 14: Williamson County Expo Center, 5350 Bill Pickett Trail, Taylor
  • May 21: Jester Annex, 1801 E. Old Settlers Blvd., Round Rock
  • May 30: Williamson County Historic Courthouse, 710 S. Main St., Georgetown
  • June 6: Williamson County Historic Courthouse, 710 S. Main St., Georgetown

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