Halfway between Georgetown and Leander along Hwy. 29, a cow-printed coffee trailer sells original brews and bites out of a small window.

Stockyard Coffee is one of many drive-thru coffee concepts cropping up around Georgetown and the Greater Austin area.

Owner Kendra Kay, who opened the stand in May, said she will never open a brick-and-mortar location because it's just not worth the cost.

"It was really important for me to have the trailer so that I could feel more integrated with the community. I can go to local events and not just stay stationary. ... And in the mornings, it's so great because I can catch people commuting. I learn about their lives really fast that way," Kay said.

What's on the menu

A Seattle-native and interior designer by trade, Kay said her idea for Stockyard Coffee began with a desire to create the perfect roast that reminded her of home.

"I personally don't like the fruity notes that you find in a lot of roasts. Mine has more of a caramel finish to it, and I run my [espresso] shots a little bit longer to make sure that comes through," Kay said.

She partners with a farm outside of Seattle to source her roast, which customers can purchase separately at the stand.

In addition to coffee drinks, Stockyard also sells teas, custom energy drinks, matchas, breakfast foods and a housemade freeze-dried candy line.

An interesting detail

While most food trucks use propane fuel to power the inside, Kay said her goal is to eventually use 100% solar and wind power for her trailer.

"Our commitment to going green extends to our products too, using recycled materials and the business practices of who we source from," Kay said.

The future

Currently, the Stockyard Coffee trailer sits in front of a small office center with State Farm Insurance and Redken Dentistry, where she hopes to remain as more retail is built nearby.

Kay said she is looking into getting a second, smaller truck to use for community events.