Lisa Jackens said when she became a retail manager at a young age, she knew she would one day open her own store.

As the owner of Oolala Boutique in Georgetown, she now specializes in fashion, decor, jewelry and luxury apothecary scents.

Jackens stepped into a retail management role when she was 19. At that time, she told others when she opened her own store she would do it differently; she put ribbons on bags and had a running list of do’s and don’ts for her future business.

In 2006, she opened Oolala Boutique in Pflugerville. The store then moved to Salado before relocating to Georgetown in November 2018.

“Georgetown is fantastic. It has such a good vibe to it,” Jackens said. “People are out on the streets and going into the restaurants and in the bars and in the gift shops.”

The boutique’s name comes the feeling she hopes to elicit in visitors who shop the store’s finds, she said.

“‘Ooh la la’ was just something we want everyone to feel like when they come in,” she said.

Oolala offers 12 signature fragrances, hand-curated clothing, full-styling fashion services, candles, wedding and bridal gifts, coffee mugs with affirmations, and more.

“We do love to focus on French Parisian aesthetics,” Jackens said. “Almost all of our jewelry is handmade in Paris.”

Apothecary in fragrance means the use of high-quality essential oils. There is no dilution, no synthetics and no impurities.

“A lot of these mass-produced fragrance products smell great but aren’t healthy to use,” Jackens’ daughter Kristina Jackens said. “Your skin is your largest organ. Don’t cover it in unnatural and toxic elements.”

Oolala stays open later to allow the community to grab a meal before shopping, Lisa Jackens said.

“Our doors are open; people come in and do shopping; they can walk around with a glass of wine,” Lisa Jackens said. “It just makes it a real fun shopping experience.”

The parts of perfume

Oolala Boutique owner Lisa Jackens said there are three different smells in a perfume—the top notes, the heart notes and the bottom notes.

Top notes:
  • First smell that hits your nose
  • Typically fresh, fruity or floral scents such as lemon, lavender or rose
  • Can be either sweet or bitter
Heart notes:
  • Add depth to the fragrance
  • Generally fruity or floral such as jasmine
  • Make up 70% of the total scent
Bottom notes:
  • Take the longest to kick in
  • Linger the longest
  • Include heavy notes such as vanilla, amber, spices, woods or musks
Oolala Boutique

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