For 30 years, Southern Shutters has been outfitting Central Texas homes with custom shutters. Starting with two employees in 1993, the company now has about 30 employees and is planning to break ground on a new factory in 2023.

Over the years, Central Texas has seen major growth, and Southern Shutters’ business has grown with the region, co-owner and factory representative Chris Lowell said. As companies kept moving to the area, they brought more people, increasing the need for more homes.

“There’s so many companies that are here, and so this is an attractive place to be,” Lowell said. “We’ve been fortunate enough to ride that wave with them because they’re all still coming.”

In celebration of its 30th year, the company—which has its showroom in Georgetown and factory in Manor—plans to start construction on a new factory in Elgin.

The company started when founder and co-owner Mark Edmondson moved to Austin. Initially, he bought shutters from other companies then painted and built the frames. Shortly after Lowell joined the company in early 1996, Southern Shutters built a factory and began creating everything from scratch.

“As we got sick of other people making the actual shutter parts, the shutters themselves, we said, ‘Look, that’s the last bit that we don’t have control over; let’s make the jump,’ and we started building our own panels,” Lowell said.

Part of what makes Southern Shutters unique is that the company controls the entire production process.

“We don’t streamline anything; we have no shortcuts in what we do,” Lowell said. “Everything we do is completely from scratch, custom, and that in our industry is unbelievably rare. For what we do, there’s probably five companies nationally that do what we do.”

While there are many options for custom window coverings, Edmondson said Southern Shutters provides a product that gives people more control.

“What we do for them is we give them control of their environment,” Edmondson said. “People that upgrade to shutters, they get great insulators, and they [get] light control. They’re great for privacy, and it’s like it changes their whole living.”

Lowell said he wants customers to trust the quality of their product because he knows it will exceed

any expectations.

“You have to trust what we’re going to make is what you want and is going to meet your expectations,” Lowell said. “More than any other shutter company, we far exceed expectations. If it’s our shutter, it’s going to last forever.”

In support of shutters

Southern Shutters owners said customers should consider shutters because:
  • They control light and privacy without sacrificing the view.
  • They can be a great insulator for temperature inside the home.
  • They go well with any kind of decor.
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