Mesquite Creek Outfitters combines outdoor apparel, craft beer and wine


Cody Hirt and Brad Strittmatter have a passion for their families and giving back to the community, which for them has culminated in their new store Mesquite Creek Outfitters, they said.

The pair opened the high-end men and women’s outdoor clothing shop Nov. 15. Along with clothing and accessories, the store has a craft beer and wine bar.

Hirt and Strittmatter said they worked for several months prior to the business’s opening alongside their friends and family to handcraft many of the store’s fixtures, including the hand-poured concrete bar situated in the middle of the shop.

Strittmatter’s father, a woodworker, helped the pair with much of the work, and both Hirt and Strittmatter’s children were a part of the process, Strittmatter said.

“[Our children] got to see us take [the store]from a vision to this,” he said. “It was important to have our family and friends involved in this too because we want this to be a community place for Georgetown.”

The store offers several seating areas, including a community table that serves as a large gathering area and was made by a Georgetown resident.

Hirt said the bar’s menu will rotate regularly and feature locally brewed beers, such as beers from Georgetown-based Rentsch Brewery.

“We want to showcase what kind of talent the local industry has,” he said. “So any opportunity that we have, we are going to bring them in and let them show off what they can do.”

Hirt and Strittmatter said they are refining a small-plates menu that could feature meat and cheese trays, panini sandwiches and similar types of food.

“We want this to be a place to come before or after dinner,” Hirt said.

They said they also plan to support several nonprofits, including Veteran Outdoors, a group co-founded by Hirt and Strittmatter which provides outdoor activities for wounded veterans. The pair plans to help other nonprofits in the future through the store’s sales.

“At some point we will join forces with [other groups],” Hirt said. “Serving and giving back is the basis of who we are.”

Mesquite Creek Outfitters membership

Mesquite Creek Outfitters owners Cody Hirt and Brad Strittmatter are giving 225 people the chance to join the store’s membership club. Costs for each level vary and the three different clubs with various benefits and membership durations. More information can be found in the store. Club levels include:

• Summit Club – 50 members
• Spike Camp Club – 75 members
• Basecamp Club – 100 members

Mesquite Creek Outfitters

704 S. Austin Ave., Georgetown
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m.

The store features men and women’s outdoor apparel.

The store features men and women’s outdoor apparel. (via Rudy Ximenez/Community Impact Newspaper)


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