Updated 8:11 p.m. April 19

The Georgetown Arts and Cultural Board was scheduled to put up two new murals to be installed this spring, but now only one will proceed, city officials said.

The first mural was to be painted by Sarah Blankenship, Norma Clark, Devon Clarkson and J. Muzacz, all of whom have previously contributed to local public art murals, but will no longer proceed at this time due to access issue with the property owner of the alleyway below the mural, city officials said. The mural would have been located at the Georgetown Art Center, 816 S. Main St., Georgetown.

The second mural is still on track and will be painted by Molly Keen, an Oakland, California, artist. The mural “Railway Rhymes" will be at The Georgetown Title building located at 702 Rock St., Georgetown. It will include a train element that features the history of the site, which used to be home to Belford Lumber Co. and a stop on the railroad, said the release.