Find out why top Austin executives are competing against each other in a fitness challenge

The American Heart Association is collaborating with Texas Mutual Insurance and Seton Health to promote physical activity within the workday with a challenge for top Austin executives Wednesday, April 5.

The companies have recruited Austin-area business chiefs, including Jeff Thomas, senior vice president and general manager of H-E-B, to compete to see who will be the most physically active within a 24-hour period.

The competition is sponsored by FitRankings, which will track each executive's movement in whatever fitness app they choose.

Throughout the day, American Heart Association will be promoting the event on social media with #MoveMoreATX.

The association is hosting the event to promote physical fitness within Austin so that it becomes a healthier community.

"Half of American adults do not get enough physical activity," Ann Jerome, executive director of the American Heart Association in Austin, said. "Inactivity increases risks for obesity, heart disease, stroke and a host of other health problems."

Community Impact Newspaper founder and CEO John Garrett will be participating in this challenge.