Eanes ISD students living in communities with hazardous traffic conditions could receive district-funded busing to and from school.

The EISD board of trustees unanimously voted to pursue supplemental funding to provide transportation for students commuting through hazardous traffic conditions.

In a June 18 regular meeting, in order to establish funding eligibility, the board voted on a resolution to define the specific hazardous conditions and areas, according to district documents.

As stated by the Texas Association of School Boards, districts receive funding to provide transportation to students who live 2 or more miles from the school’s campus. School districts can receive additional funding to transport students who live within 2 miles in an area with dangerous traffic or high risk of violence.

The hazardous conditions defined by EISD include heavy traffic during school hours, lack of traffic controls and lack of sidewalks, district information states. These conditions exist north of Bee Caves Road, south and west of Loop 360, and northwest of Walsh Tarleton Road and northeast of Bee Caves Road.

Additional hazardous routes may be added annually by the district.