Why are you running?

I am running for Hays CISD school board because I will bring common sense and a balanced viewpoint to the board. I have six children, ages 12-20 who have attended exactly half of the schools in our district. I have previously served on a school board and greatly respect the decisions that our diverse voters depend on us to make. I see the growth and changing needs of our community and believe a fresh viewpoint on the board will help meet our community’s needs.

What will be your top priority if elected?

My top priorities as a school board member are addressing career and technical education training for our students. This priority would include budget increases for those teachers, facilities and programs. Additionally, expanding the district's dual language and special education services would be my emphasis. CTE, dual language and special education programs work closely together and are serving an increasingly higher rate of the student population within Hays. Due to the rapid growth our district is experiencing, we need a plan in place to meet the needs of the students that do not fit into the assumed path for success that society is placing on our high school students. Not every student is going to transition into a 4-year college plan immediately after high school graduation. CTE and dual language programs must work hand-in-hand to provide a path for the demographic that is often overlooked by designing trade and vocational training programs that create opportunities for dedicated and hardworking students to find gainful employment immediately after high school graduation.

Why do you think you are qualified to be a trustee?

Candidate Michelle R. Carey did not respond to this question.

Hays CISD will hold a bond election this year. Do you support the bond propositions? Why or why not?

Regarding the proposed bonds, I have mixed feelings. I understand our district represents the highest-taxed area in Hays County and the increased burden it has placed on our property owners. However, I support the proposal of [career and technical education] vocational training funding. CTE training for our specific community would be a key opportunity for successful career opportunities for multiple students in the district. I understand the district will receive needed funds imperative to compensate for our community’s growth.

What is your opinion on the state's A-F accountability ratings?

Candidate Michelle R. Carey did not respond to this question.

How well do you think the district does in attracting and retaining top educators?

Candidate Michelle R. Carey did not respond to this question.