Two parcels of land will be purchased to allow for the expansion of Bowie High School in Southwest Austin. The first parcel, known as the Sawmill tract, is 12.9 acres and costs $1,250,000. The second parcel, known as the Akin tract, is 39.8 acres and costs $2,500,000. Both tracts will be paid for by funds acquired during the December 2008 bond election.

Additional impervious cover, or human-made surfaces that do not absorb rainfall, will be purchased for both tracts of land. According to documentation on the AISD website, the negotiated prices have been determined to be fair market value.

Attorneys for the district are negotiating the final sale of the land parcels. The district's general counsel will review and approve the purchase agreement prior to execution.

The decision to purchase land for the expansion of Bowie High School was approved unanimously by the board.