Steiner Ranch Steakhouse offers a taste of Texas history in its foyer filled with saddles, a rodeo bull-riding sculpture and photos from the Old West.

Situated along Lake Travis in the Steiner Ranch community, the area was once home to a 5,200-acre ranch belonging to the founders of the Steiner rodeo company. Home construction by developer Taylor Morrison began in the mid- to late 1980s.

In 2008, the Steiner family opened the steakhouse.

General Manager Jason Garcia said the steakhouse exudes everything Austin is about: It's independent, non-chain, and family-owned and -operated.

The restaurant features dinner daily and Sunday brunch. The restaurant features dinner daily and Sunday brunch.[/caption]

The eatery also features daily live music on a patio overlooking the Texas Hill Country.

“Every day, when I turn around the corner and see the building, whatever frustrations I had I forget about because I’m lucky to get to have that [scenic view] to look at,” Garcia said.

The three-story restaurant serves the casual diner, hosts celebrations and offers private events for up to 135 people. Seating areas include an outdoor patio; a newly added sunroom; the study-like Travis Room; or more traditional dining areas decorated in family memorabilia, including the Steiner family brand, “XS.”

Garcia said the buffalo quail legs ($18), fried and served with a Gorgonzola dressing, is the restaurant’s top appetizer. The Cowboy Rib Eye Steak ($49) is one of the most popular entrees, he said.

Bobby's House Special is a steak with crab au gratin and shrimp. Bobby's House Special is a steak with crab au gratin and shrimp.[/caption]

The menu also features a Tomahawk Steak ($109)—about 33 ounces of meat served on a cow’s rib bone, he said.

“The bone’s as long as my arm,” Garcia said of the dish that he said  reminds him of "The Flintstones" cartoon. “Most of the time it’s carved tableside for two people.”

For dessert, the molten lava cake ($14) is a best-seller, he said, and can be shared between a couple of people.

The steakhouse is known for its extensive wine list that Garcia said rivals any downtown Austin restaurant. Guests can select from more than 500 wine labels from Texas and around the world.

Banquet Manager Amee Geren said the family-owned aspect of the business creates a welcoming environment.

“You can come in and enjoy happy hour and enjoy the view, then have an elegant dinner and go back outside for live entertainment," she said. "Until you’ve been our here and seen [the setting] for yourself, it’s hard to wrap your brain around how beautiful it is.”