Exodus to Texas: More than 500K moved here in 2015, report says


People are still moving to Texas in droves, according to a new report by the Texas Association of Realtors.

The report, released Wednesday, showed the Lone Star State is second only to Florida in the number of people relocating, with 553,032 people moving to Texas in 2015—a 2.8 percent increase over 2014.

Nearly 42,000 Californians migrated to Texas in 2015, followed by 33,670 Florida residents and 31,044 Louisiana residents.

The new residents are settling in the metros of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, according to the report.

But Texans are also leaving the state: the report said Texas ranked third in the nation for the number of residents moving out of the state in 2015. Those residents are moving to California, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado and Louisiana, the report showed.

The report was based on data from the 2016 American Community Survey, a 2010-14 U.S. Census Bureau report and the U-Haul 2015 National Migration Trend Reports.

  1. This is lazy journalism and paints a false picture that people are moving to Texas in droves. The report clearly states that 550K+ people moved to Texas but nearly 450K moved out of Texas! The net gain in Texas population was only 107K – hardly an exodus.

    • People ARE moving to Texas in droves. The real story is that Texans are moving out of their home state. I know several native born Texans who have moved away, and I am a fifth-generation native Texan who is about to join the exodus from this state. Texas is a single-party, soviet-style state with a huge politically disenfranchised population whose contributions to the state’s economy and culture are completely dismissed by the reigning political majority. I have a deep affection for the land and many of the people, but the political establishment represents the worst of corrupt cronyism. Buh-bye. And good luck with your apartheid future.

Marie Albiges
Marie Albiges is the editor for the San Marcos, Buda and Kyle edition of Community Impact Newspaper. She covers San Marcos City Council, San Marcos CISD and Hays County Commissioners Court. Marie previously reported for the Central Austin edition. Marie moved to Austin from Williamsburg, Va. in 2016 and was born in France.
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