Williamson County leads state’s largest counties in 2018 election voter turnout percentage


Williamson County residents turned out in record numbers for the 2018 mid-term elections, according to county officials.

Out of the top 12 highest populated counties, Williamson County led with a 62.09 percent turnout of the 336,148 registered voters, the county said in a news release. The next highest percentage of voter turnout was Travis County at 61.33 percent, the release said.

“This surpasses any other mid-term election we have had regarding percentage of registered voters voting,” stated Christopher Davis, elections administrator for Williamson County. “It surpasses the total number of voters in the 2016 Presidential Election.”

The high voter interest led to an increase in voter turnout, but county officials also attribute turnout to a combination of voting encouragement and convenience initiatives.

Some initiatives include the county’s interactive polling place map that offered wait times and a map of early voting and Election Day locations.

The county also promoted early voting through paid Facebook posts to users in Williamson County. The county would “boost” these posts to Facebook users near that mobile location.

Also, the mobile voting center traveled around to more rural parts of the county and only stayed at most locations for just one day.

The county’s Vote Center policy, which allows voters to vote at any polling location in the county, looked to make voting more convenient.

“Vote Centers are a tremendous convenience to voters that may work far from their residence to provide voting options to or from work,” Davis said.

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12 Texas counties with highest voter turnout

County: Bexar

Total turnout: 548,412

Percent turnout: 49.64 percent

County: Collin

Total turnout: 355,694

Percent turnout: 61.15 percent

County: Dallas

Total turnout: 727,371

Percent turnout: 54.33 percent

County: Denton

Total turnout: 295,676

Percent turnout: 58.73 percent

County: El Paso

Total turnout: 203,157

Percent turnout: 44.44 percent

County: Fort Bend

Total turnout: 256,949

Percent turnout: 59.56 percent

County: Harris

Total turnout: 1,209,358

Percent turnout: 52.41 percent

County: Hidalgo

Total turnout: 152,950

Percent turnout: 42.14 percent

County: Montgomery

Total turnout: 191,548

Percent turnout: 57.32 percent

County: Tarrant

Total turnout: 630,919

Percent turnout: 55.61 percent

County: Travis

Total turnout: 483,050

Percent turnout: 61.33 percent

County: Williamson

Total turnout: 208,704

Percent turnout: 62.09 percent

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