San Marcos Dog Park, 250 Charles Austin Drive, will close for renovations starting Aug. 27.

The dog park renovation project, expected to be complete in 60 days, was approved by the city council and will use Community Development Block Grant funds to expand the dog play areas and install ADA-accessible routes, additional shade structures and water fountains.

The parks and recreation department will open a temporary dog park at the corner of CM Allen Parkway and Cheatham Street on the softball field at Ramon Lucio Park. Dogs are normally not allowed on the playing field, but the temporary arrangement will allow water to be limitedly available, and owners are encouraged to bring their own water and method for picking up pet waste.

The expansion will give residents two large dog play areas and two small dog play areas, according to the city of San Marcos. The additional play areas will promote grass growth and give city staff the ability to perform regular maintenance without disrupting usage.