Based on a benchmark study conducted by the Travis County Human Resources Management Department, commissioners will look into raising the pay grade on a number of county jobs including finance, social services and maintenance department jobs.

The county conducts benchmark studies regularly in an effort to ensure the county remains competitive in the market and help facilitate retention and recruitment.

Here are six takeaways from Tuesday’s discussion:

1. The county implemented a 2 percent pay increase across the board in the FY 2017-18 budget to take effect Nov. 1. However, some county employees did not receive the full increase because they maxed out on the pay scale. Commissioners found this to be unfair and in need of review.

2. Based on the study, county staff is recommending a pay scale adjustment to about 30 county jobs.

3. The estimated cost to bring all county jobs up to pay scale was around $1.8 million.

4. Commissioner Jeff Travillion asked to see a more detailed report on each of the pay scales so commissioners could better determine where each job maxed out on the pay scale and compare that figure to the rest of the market.

5. County Judge Sarah Eckhardt said maxing out on the pay scale isn’t always negative. She suggested looking at each position carefully and determining how it compares to the market and how to better serve the county employees.

6. A decision is expected no later than Nov. 14.