Ahead of a benchmark that requires nearly all ride-hailing trips to be completed by fingerprinted drivers, more than 8,000 drivers have completed fingerprint-based background checks, according to a Jan. 24 Austin Transportation Department memo.

Austin's eight transportation network companies, or TNCs, have until Feb. 1 to reach 99 percent compliance with the city ordinance that mandates fingerprint-based background checks to drive for a TNC. The benchmarks have been phased in since May 1, when 25 percent of trips—either by hours or miles driven—were required to be completed by fingerprinted drivers. By Aug. 1, the benchmark was raised to 50 percent and then 85 percent Dec. 1.

The city is without the two largest national ride-hailing platforms. Uber and Lyft voluntarily ceased operations in the city after the failure of a May ballot proposition to loosen the city's regulations, specifically its fingerprinting mandate.

Following the May vote, several smaller ride-hailing companies entered the fray in Austin. The following are the eight companies operating in the city and their level of compliance with the ordinance:

Percentage of trips driven by fingerprinted drivers

Company Hours driven Miles driven
Fare 80% 88%
Fasten 93% 93%
GetMe 91% 91%
InstaRyde 87% 86%
RideAustin 99% 99%
Tride 100% 100%
Wingz 100% 100%
zTrip 100% 100%

Here are some other statistics and takeaways from the memo:

  • As of Dec. 15, 197 individuals were not permitted to drive because of disqualifying offenses revealed in their background checks.

  • The rate prospective ride-hailing drivers pay to undergo a fingerprint background check has been reduced from $39.95 per person to $37.48 per person.

  • Of the 8,343 fingerprinted drivers, 5,235 are TNC drivers and 3,824 are chauffeur drivers.

  • 450,000 trips were completed in November, an increase of about 28.6 percent compared with July.

  • Ride-hailing company ScoopMe ceased operations Nov. 30.

  • Two companies (GetMe and Tride) are not compliant with the city's requirement that they must have a request indicator for wheelchair-accessible service available on their apps within six months after being granted authority to operate in the city.

  • The city has collected more than $500,000 in required fees from TNCs since September.