Clash over historical marker tops WilCo Commissioners Court meeting


The Williamson County Commissioners Court met today, Nov. 15. Here is what you need to know:

Historical marker 

Williamson County commissioners took no action regarding a request for permission to place an official Texas Historical Marker next to a statue honoring Confederate soldiers on the Williamson County Courthouse lawn.

More than 10 citizens shared their opinion about the historical marker at the meeting.

Those in support of adding a plaque, which is being requested by The Cultural and Historical Advocacy Group of the Georgetown Courageous Conversations, said they wanted the plaque to represent a complete history of the time and give more information about the abolition of slavery and white supremacy.

Citizens who spoke in opposition of the plaque said the current statue honors the heritage and history of the Williamson County community and does not need any additions.

Mickie Ross, who serves as the historical marker chair member for the Williamson County Historical Commission, said the State’s historical commission must receive the application for the plaque by midnight tonight and that she had not seen the completed formal application yet.

Ross said she works with applicants to make sure the application is filled out. Applications must be approved by the Williamson County Historical Commission. However, it is up to the state’s historical commission to give the final approval and write the narrative on the marker.

County Judge Dan Gattis and Precinct 4 Commissioner Larry Madsen were absent, and others on the court said it was too last minute to make a decision.

“It is more the timing that concerns me,” Precinct 2 Commissioner Cynthia Long said.

The group will be able to submit an application for the plaque next year.

Ron Morrison award

Former Precinct 4 Commissioner Ron Morrison, who died earlier this year, received the first ever 2016 Air Central Texas Public Sector Award.

Long said Morrison “worked very hard to keep the Central Texas area in attainment with air quality.”

Pancreatic Cancer Month

Commissioners approved a motion to recognize November as Pancreatic Cancer Month and Nov. 17 as Pancreatic Cancer Day throughout Williamson County.

Brushy Creek bridge 

Robert Daigh, senior director of infrastructure for Williamson County, discussed plans for the Brushy Creek bridge, which will be replaced by a bridge with raised elevation, he said.

The current structure is obstructing flood water flow and is not aligned properly. Daigh said the next steps are to proceed with design plans.

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