Costco to open Pflugerville location


Costco, one of the country’s largest wholesale shopping chains, is coming to Pflugerville, according to a Costco representative.

Costco outside marketer Jordan Uveges confirmed the store’s anticipated arrival during a Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce luncheon today. While an exact location and opening date could not be confirmed, consumers can expect to see the big-box wholesale club open within a year-and-a-half after the store breaks ground, according to Uveges.

Pflugerville Mayor Jeff Coleman also could not reveal where the retailer would be located, but he did confirm the city of Pflugerville has been working with Costco to bring a storefront to the city for more than a year.

Costco’s North Austin location has approximately 66,000 customers that come through its doors, Uveges said. A new Pflugerville store could help relieve congestion as well as attract new customers who do not currently travel to Costco’s North Austin and Cedar Park locations. The Cedar Park store was the last area location to open in November 2013.

Costco is one of many companies, such as Chipotle and In-N-Out Burger, to recently chose Pflugerville for expansion opportunities,  helping provide the area with more retail and dining options as well as employment opportunities.

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  1. Michelle Roebuck

    66k is a big number but would help to know a timeframe. My guess is 66k per month but maybe it’s per week?

  2. We are so excited to hear that Costco is coming to Pflugerville! We have been members for many years. I frequently shop at the North Austin and Cedar Park locations. We have shopped at just about every location we find as we travel in this state and beyond. It is our favorite “big box wholesale chain!” Thank you to all of the city leaders that have worked to bring shopping into our booming town.

  3. I am interested to know if they r still gonna build this Costco I am looking to relocate from New Jersey to Pflugerville

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