Buda residents looking for a ride to Austin are likely to benefit from a federal grant of over $10 million to a public transportation provider in Austin, officials say.

On Friday, The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced they received an $11.2 million Federal Transit Agency grant through the federal Regional Mobility Bus Program to purchase new buses, according to a press release.

The money will go toward supporting regional transit projects and further the partnership between Capital Metro and the Capital Area Rural Transportation System, a transportation provider that connects residents in rural communities to Capital Metro services.

According to the press release, the grant will help boost the Service Expansion Program, which provides a process for cities outside Capital Metro’s service area to participate and benefit from its transit services. Buda was named as one of the towns the agency is collaborating with.

Capital Metro is in the process of creating a transit plan with the city of Buda, Public Information Officer David Marino said in an email. On May 17, Buda City Council approved the adoption of the Capital Metro/city of Buda Transit Development Plan, which indicates conversation and collaboration with Capital Metro will continue to take place.

“This is positive news for Buda as well as other surrounding communities,” Planning Director Chance Sparks said in an email. “This FTA grant has the potential to eliminate a significant capital cost of future transit service to Buda, making this goal more achievable and cost-effective.”