The highlighted area shows the land for a proposed condo development. The highlighted area shows the land for a proposed condo development.[/caption]

Round Rock City Council approved 6-1 a first reading of an ordinance to zone a 19.7-acre plot of land as a single-family common lot for a potential condo development. Council Member Kris Whitfield voted against the ordinance.

The land is located northeast of the intersection of Old Settlers and A.W. Grimes boulevards.  The development would be adjacent to an existing neighborhood.

The development will feature a maximum of 100 single-family detached units, said Round Rock Planning Director Brad Wiseman. Wiseman said each dwelling unit will have a private external entrance, private parking and a private yard area.

Wiseman said the developers looked at various uses for the land, including medical office space, but the area was more ideally suited for the condo project. Furthermore, he said the triangular shape limited its potential developments as well.

Raymond DeLeon, who said he lives nearby, said he is concerned about the increase in traffic the development could bring. He said the city needs to implement a right turn lane on Old Settlers Boulevard in the westbound lane, as well as on A.W. Grimes at the intersection.

Round Rock Transportation Director Gary Hudder said a right-turn lane was implemented at the intersection on Old Settlers Boulevard in the eastbound lane in 2014, but that traffic did not warrant a right-turn lane in the westbound lane at the time. He said the city developed plans for the eastbound right-turn lane on Old Settlers and officials would need to re-evaluate the plan. Hudder said A.W. Grimes is under the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of Transportation.

Earnest Pospisil,who said he lives in the neighborhood which would be adjacent to the development, said he would like to see the city implement a single-story restriction to condos that are built adjacent to existing properties.

Wiseman said doing so would be an "extraordinary" step because the city hasn't implemented such a restriction on other developments. Wiseman said there would be a 25-foot buffer area between the existing neighborhood and the proposed condo development, and the developer agreed to construct a masonry fence between the two.

The second reading of the ordinance will take place April 28.