Portion of Hwy. 195 renamed Patterson Avenue


In an attempt to alleviate confusion, Williamson County Commissioners approved renaming Hwy. 195 to Patterson Avenue between Georgetown and Florence on June 17.

Teresa Baker, the addressing coordinator for the county, approachedthe commissionerswith the proposalduringtheir scheduled meetingafter having prior discussions with the Texas Department of Transportation.

We worked closely with TxDOT in the Florence area and rather than having SH 195, Business [Hwy.]195, [andHwy.]195 Spur …maybe we change the patterns to match North Patterson like it is in Florence, Baker said.

The idea behind the decision is that the new roadunder constructionfrom Georgetown tothe east side of Florence will be called Hwy. 195, said Precinct 3 Commissioner Valerie Covey. The name Patterson Avenuewill be extended from Florence to Georgetown for the existing portion of Hwy. 195 that connects the two cities.

It makes sense,Covey said. Its a way of un-complicating things.

The renaming was unanimously approved.

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