In his first public remarks about the investigation into his alleged misconduct, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton denounced the House’s effort to remove him from office as an “illegal impeachment scheme.”

Paxton delivered prepared remarks May 26, less than a day before the House’s anticipated vote.

“I want to invite my fellow citizens and friends to peacefully come let their voices be heard at the Capitol tomorrow,” Paxton said. “Exercise your right to petition your government. Let’s restore the power of this great state to the people, instead of the politicians.”

The House is expected to begin proceedings on the proposed impeachment at 1 p.m. May 27. According to a memo shared by the House General Investigating Committee, which has led the probe into Paxton’s actions, House lawmakers will have roughly four hours to discuss the case before a vote is taken.“Every politician who supports this deceitful impeachment attempt will inflict lasting damage on the credibility of the Texas House,” Paxton said.

Twenty articles of impeachment were filed against the attorney general May 25, including disregard of official duty, obstruction of justice, bribery and more.

The committee has been investigating Paxton since March, after he asked the Texas Legislature to pay for a $3.3 million whistleblower settlement. Four of Paxton’s former employees sued the attorney general's office, stating that they were fired in 2020 after reporting concerns about Paxton's actions to federal authorities.

He was also indicted in 2015 for securities fraud, but the case has not gone to trial.

Paxton has consistently denied all wrongdoing.

“I hope the House makes the right decision, but if not, I look forward to a quick resolution in the Texas Senate,” Paxton said.

If a majority of House members vote to impeach Paxton, he will be suspended from office. The Senate can then hold a trial to determine if he will be reinstated or permanently removed.

Paxton and his staff did not take questions during the press event.