A luxury condominium development called The Colorfield is moving into the space of the original HOPE Outdoor Gallery, located in downtown Austin at 1012 Baylor St., Austin.

The Colorfield, named to honor the former community art park, will include 10 units across the 1.2-acre property.

“The Colorfield will reside on a site with a unique, colorful history, so it’s fitting that the new homes are unique and colorful as well—and help support a plan for art to endure both here and at the gallery’s new home,” said Melissa Brown, a vice president for Cumby Group, the project's developer, in a news release.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery closed its downtown location, which featured murals and art on concrete remains, in 2019. It recently announced plans to move to a new spot near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, where it will open a new park and cultural center this summer. Cumby Group said it would work to preserve some of the park's original art and move it to the HOPE's new location, including the gallery's original sign.

Cumby Group also has plans to commission a $90,000 mural wall at The Colorfield as an homage to the gallery.

“It has been wonderful working with Cumby Group for the past several years to thoughtfully figure out all the best ways we could collaborate together to make this a huge relocation success story for the community,” said Andi Scull, founder of HOPE Outdoor Gallery, in the release.

The Colorfield is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2022. www.thecolorfieldaustin.com