Remnants of Nau’s Enfield Drug—a pharmacy and burger joint that had been an Austin staple since the ‘50s—are up for sale this weekend.

The estate sale is open from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon-3 p.m. Sunday. Nau’s Enfield Drug is located in Clarksville at 1115 W. Lynn St, Austin.

“We’ve had a busy morning,” said Sarah Carriker, the owner of Blue Moon Estate Sales, the company running the sale. “We’re trying to make sure all these items are re-homed.”

The evolution of the store's telephones, cash registers, analog clocks, kitchenware and other items that Nau’s used for decades are all up for sale. Vintage items including Nau’s soda fountains, bow machines and holiday decor also have price tags.

Some consumables from the drug store portion of Nau’s are available, such as tubes of lip gloss, boxes of cotton swabs and bottles of baby lotion

“This is a special place,” Carriker said. “People [have been honking] and saying, ‘I love you Nau’s.’”
Kathleen (left) and Lambert Labay, who have owned Nau’s Enfield Drug since 1972. (Katy McAfee/Community Impact)