In an effort to boost capacity along the northern stretch of the MetroRail’s Red Line, Capital Metro will add a second track from Lakeline Station to Leander Station.

The project would increase train frequency from around every 25 minutes to every 15 minutes. The stretch between the two stations will be one of the only segments along the 33-mile light-rail line with double tracking, which allows for trains to run in both directions.

“This means that folks in Leander will have the opportunity to get on a train every 15 minutes and travel to where they live, work and play,” Capital Metro Board Member Eric Stratton said. “They'll have an opportunity to more effectively and efficiently get to places like The Domain, Q2 Stadium and even ultimately to the airport once we finish building out the Austin Transit Partnership Project Connect system.”

The construction comes as the Leander City Council unanimously approved the hiring of a consultant to evaluate the city’s public transit offering Sept. 22. Leander Mayor Pro Tem Becki Ross said the double tracking project will help to facilitate the city’s rapid growth.

“It’s important that as we grow, we’re making the best decisions for the city,” said Ross, who also sits on the Capital Metro board of directors.

Regina Salinas, a Leander resident of 26 years, said that the rail has dramatically improved her commute to work downtown. She said that the light rail has given her the opportunity to work while commuting and more time for leisure activities, such as reading. She has also built a community with fellow riders.

“I’ve made a lot of friends on the train,” Salinas said. “So now I don’t have my work friends; I have my commuter friends.”

The project costs $8.9 million and has an estimated completion date of fall 2022.