Williamson County Emergency Medical Services received more than three times the amount of calls for fall-related injuries Feb. 14 than on Feb. 13 due to winter weather.

EMS received 12 fall-related calls for service Feb. 13 and 44 calls for injuries due to falls Feb. 14, according to a county release. A total of 101 calls were received Feb. 14.

The county is urging residents to stay inside because "many surfaces are slick and could lead to dangerous and even deadly falls," the county said. EMS remains fully staffed, but response times may be longer than usual due to an influx of calls and impassible roads.

“Although our paramedics are prepared to respond to all calls, we ask that our residents do their part right now to avoid any potential hazard,” Williamson County EMS Director Mike Knipstein said in a release. “Preventing a fall by staying indoors allows our field paramedics to continue working around the clock to answer serious and life-threatening emergencies.”

Many calls were also received regarding low oxygen supplies. Field paramedics and EMS recommend contacting providers for assistance and using minimum amounts of oxygen to extend supplies.